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Here at Hive Security, we offer the best and most up to date security software and equipment. Our CCTV systems offer great security for those who are not always at their workplace or property. Whether it is the final addition or the first component of a complete home security suite, they are integral to your family’s safety.

Closed Circuit Television refers to one or more cameras linked to a monitoring point and/or recording device.

CCTV enables for self-monitoring and also increases peace of mind for the homeowner, reduces the number of false alarms and resources and saves time for the central monitoring station.

Our Package starts from £499 +vat, if you need any more information regarding our Installation Package then give us a call today!

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Why have CCTV Installed?

  1. Capturing burglars: CCTV systems enable you to capture images of attempted robberies to aid authorities in locating and apprehending the intruder or burglar.
  2. Insurance premium discounts: Want to reduce your home insurance premium? Many insurance companies give you a discount if you have a security system installed.
  3. Visible equipment deters break-ins: CCTV systems can have visible equipment. If a prospective burglar sees visible security equipment, he or she is more likely to move on to the next target.
  4. Window decals: Companies who provide CCTV and alarm monitoring systems are able to provide vinyl window decals that allow everyone to see that your home is under the protection of a video surveillance system and a monitored alarm.
  5. Remote monitoring: You can monitor your system remotely over the Internet, which allows you to watch your property and home from anywhere at anytime.
  6. Integrate it with security system: If you have an existing security system, ask a professional home security expert to implement your improved security solution.
  7. Easily implemented: It does not matter which kind of security solutions you currently use, as it is always an improvement if you do not have audio or video surveillance. IT easily intergrate with any new or exisitng system.
  8. Gives you peace of mind: It can give you peace of mind knowing that you, your family, possessions and home are always safe inder the watchful eye of cameras and monitors.
  9. Protects both outside and inside: CCTV systems are able to easily protect both the outisde and inside of your property, improving your security and the safety of your family.
  10. High security at a low cost: Compared to the potential cost of a burglar entering your property or home, the cost associated with installing a CCTV system, especially if implemented with a full security suite, is more than reasonable. You cannot put a price on the protection of your family.
CCTV Cameras

A piece of cutting edge technology, with a high-resolution 960H CCTV kit with facial recognition it can be configured for 1 channel to recognise up to 3 pre-stored faces and will automatically begin recording any unrecognisable faces, sending a notification immediately to the owner of the property.

Remote viewing via smartphone or tablet with simple Q-Link set up for live viewing. 500GB hard drive (pre-installed) for approximately 30 days constant recording or set to record using only face or motion detection for much longer coverage. Widescreen and real time recording. Ideal for home or business use.

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Our team know our services and products inside out and so finding what you need comes easy to us. Take a look at our installation packages below to find the one you think you need...

CCTV Camera

CCTV Systems

The added protection and deterrence factors can give you peace of mind and allow you to rest more easily knowing your home and family are safe.

What's Included?

Our standard CCTV system consists of the following equipment and specifications:

  • High-res 960H CCTV
  • Day & Night
  • Remote Live Viewing
  • 1 TB Hard Drive
  • 2 bullet / Dome Cameras
  • Professional Installation


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